Returning to Ohio


My snakebitten finger on Sunday, three days after the bite.

Today – four days after bite.

My hand feels good – very little pain, I am able to bend my ring finger, although it will be some time before I am capable of complex movement.

My stepfather picked me up from the hospital following my release yesterday, with a pickup truck to carry Dorothy. I will go with him to Ohio to rest at my parents’ place for a few days rest. My path afterward remains uncertain.

I’m already sifting through footage for the next video!

9 thoughts on “Returning to Ohio

  1. daria

    Dear Shannon, I am sorry about ur snake bite but so thankful that you or on
    the mend and have family helping out. We met at the Dragon and I have vicariously followed ur blog and admiring your courage and determination – carry on…cheers Daria from Alexandria VA

  2. Matt

    Shannon – I’m glad your recovery is well under was a pleasure meeting you & hearing about your adventures. Elvis (my Road King) enjoyed Dorothy’s companyin the garage while you were hospitalized. He gets lonely parking next to all those Vespas.hope you get back on the road soon .

  3. Chris Coats

    I hate that your trip ended the way it did. We see a couple dozen snake bites a year. Crofab is great, much better than the old antivenom. Also hate when ED nurses give patients a hard time in triage before they can even assess the situation. Maybe this will be incident that makes you want to became an Emergency nurse.

    1. crazyshannon Post author

      You know it’s funny – it turns out that my ED nurse was actually a paramedic. I was especially saddened to hear this since working paramedics are my personal heroes.

      It was a nurse who overheard my (second) conversation with her, asked to see the picture, recognized the snake, and alerted the tox doc who was attending that night.

  4. phillip randall perkins

    Hope you are doing better after your close encounter with the moccasin . He look like he bit prettygood. Hope to be painting in the myrtle beach area in Nov. looking forward to my trip.You stay safe I really enjoyed talking to you. ps. keep in touch the painter .p randall Perkins.

    1. crazyshannon Post author

      Oh hey, I didn’t recognize your name, sorry! I put in a short clip of you on the video clip I made, hope you don’t mind. 🙂 Here’s the link ! Have fun painting at myrtle beach.

  5. Brian James

    i am sorry to hear about your snake bite at least you were not bitten by the Dragon. I happy we exchanged stories at the gas station at Deals Gap. You are a sweet girl and I hope to read more stories of your journey on your motorcycle.

    Get well and get back on the road!!!

    Brian James
    1 armed rider


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